Two Tempus Project involving the University of Sarajevo Presented

A press conference took place at the University of Sarajevo on 3 April 2014 related to presenting the goals and implemented activities within two Tempus involving the University of Sarajevo. Those projects are Curriculum reform of heritage sciences in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIHERIT) and Benchmarking as a tool for improvement of the higher performance (BIHTEK).

UNSA Vice Rector for Research, Prof. Dr. Faruk Mekic and Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Nikolic, BIHERIT project coordinator and BIHTEK project contact person presented these projects’ goals. University of Sarajevo fellows who will spend a part of their academic mobility at European universities, within the BIHERIT project, also attended the conference.

The objectives of the Tempus project Curriculum reform of heritage sciences in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which the University of Sarajevo coordinate, are: curriculum reform at the Department of Archaeology (Master degree ) at the UNSA Faculty of Philosophy; development and introduction of the “Heritage” studies (history of arts, conservation, museum science) at several BH universities in history departments; creating conditions for sustainable continuation of study programs reforming (infrastructure, human resources, networking) and cultural heritage promotion as a common value increasing the quality of life and contributing to the sustainable program’s development.

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It was noted out that a Call for applications for visiting the EU partner universities was announced within the framework of the BIHERIT Tempus project. Students from all three BH partner universities: Universities of Sarajevo, Tuzla and Banja Luka were eligible to apply. After the deadline expiring, 16 fellows who will spend a part of their academic mobility at the EU partner universities for a period of 1-3 months (9 scholarship fellows the University of Sarajevo, 2 from the University of Tuzla and 5 from the University of Banja Luka) have been selected.

Partners in this project are the universities from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Tuzla), then the partner universities from EU member states (Ljubljana, Primorska, Vienna, Berlin and Cambridge), as well as the Commission for National Monuments Preserving, Museum of Kozara in Prijedor and the Heritage Museum in Travnik.

For more details about Curriculum reform of heritage sciences in Bosnia and Herzegovina Tempus project, please visit the following and the Facebook page

When presenting the Tempus project Benchmarking as a tool for improvement of higher education performance - BIHTEK, Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Nikolic stated that all public universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina participate in the implementation of this project. She also said that this project aimed at building and strengthening the capacities of public higher education institutions in the field of benchmarking practices, which is one of the basic tools for quality improvement, both of the education and research process, and of higher education institutions management.

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